A newborn is like a never-ending source of happiness, cuteness and curiosity. If you received few guests in the hospital, it’s possible that your house will soon become – if it hasn’t yet – a hectic space flowing with friends and family who are dying to meet your child. For some women, guests are welcome and can be seen as a distraction. For others, especially those who had complicated pregnancies, who have been feeling a lot of pain in the postpartum stage or who are simply tired from their new role as a mother, guests can be quite the headache.

If you identify with the latter and feel bothered by the possibility of having to host tons of people in your home without being prepared or eager to do so, the best course of action is to be honest. Before, however, free yourself of guilt: you’re not impolite, ungrateful or rude for telling people how you feel. Your baby’s well-being depends on your well-being.

Let them know you’re more than happy to receive guests very soon, but that, for right now, you’re focused on recovering from birth and adopting a routine to care for your baby. Thank them for their concern and kindness and tell them that, as soon as you’re ready, you’ll set a date for them to visit. It’s your right to preserve yourself and your child.