Caring for a baby is one of the most amazing – and at the same time exhausting – activities of life. With so many demands, it’s hard to find some time just for yourself. If you breastfeed, activities such as going out to the movies or grabbing a coffee with a friend become practically impossible. However, don’t forget that, before becoming a mother you were – and still are – a woman. And, your baby’s well-being depends on your self-esteem and happiness. With that in mind, little by little, make small adjustments in your day to day to relax and have fun. Here are some ideas:

  • Dedicate yourself to quick self-care activities when the baby is sleeping or entertained with something else: give yourself a neck massage, prepare a foot soak, listen to music you enjoy, read a book from your favorite author, watch an episode of a show you love, stretch out a bit, talk to your partner, etc.
  • Focusing on the present is the main principle of Mindfulness. You can apply it to your day to day by completely focusing on the task at hand instead of occupying your mind with anxious thoughts and thinking about everything you still need to do with your day.
  • Try to put aside, everyday, some time for you to enjoy your own company and find a way to organize your own thoughts and emotions: it could be through meditation, journaling (on paper or on the computer), closing your eyes and allowing your mind to flow – it doesn’t matter, do it your way.
  • Just because you haven’t gone out in a while doesn’t mean you don’t need to use body lotion, put on a cute, comfortable outfit and even put on your favorite lipstick.
  • With four months completed, at this point your baby already has a rest and feeding routine. This way, it’s easier to set up a time to meet with friends for coffee or tea somewhere close to your home, go for a trip to the mall, check out your local bookstore or even the movies. Movies? Yes, why not? You can catch early bird sessions, and with less people inside the movie theatre during the day you might even be able to breastfeed while you enjoy your movie.