As they’re about to complete four months of life, your baby begins babbling more and emitting certain sounds – especially when the mother, father or caretaker communicates with them. Children want to express themselves and like hearing the sound of their own voices, so talk to your baby as much as possible. It’s worth even imitating the little sounds they make: “mamama”, “papapa”, “lalala” and “dadada” are common examples of their limited but adorable vocabulary.

The period where language evolves the most is between 12 and 24 months of life. However, know that, according to experts, comprehensive language starts to develop faster than the expressive. This means that, from an early age, your child is capable of understanding what you say to them, even if they might not be able to “reply” back. That’s why it’s so important to talk to the baby, call them by their name and repeat words clearly and correctly to them.

This is also why its also important to stay alert and observe if the child, as they grow, is able to understand or respond to what you’re saying so you can eliminate the possibility of mental and auditory issues. Up until two years of age, delays in speech aren’t worrisome, but checking to see if their hearing is healthy is crucial.