There are many different models available, to appease all tastes and decoration styles. The most relevant aspect of a mobile, however, is that it’s interesting enough to catch the baby’s attention and whet their curiosity. After the two-month mark, the child is able to differentiate between sounds and has sharper eyesight. The most recommended mobiles, however, are the more colorful ones, with different shapes and, if possible, soothing music to stimulate their hearing.

Ideally, you should hang the mobile at a about a foot and a half away from the child, so they can see and recognize each detail, in a vertical line of sight of up to 45 degrees. Which means, the baby shouldn’t look directly into the ceiling, so as not to force their eyesight as well as their little head. This applies to activity rugs with toys attached to it: the child should observe them from this distance and never in a straight line.

Ensure the base is firmly attached to the crib or the wall. Opt for lighter ones, without pointy objects – it’s always better to be safe than sorry, right?

In general, the mobile should stay in the crib until the baby starts feeling lonely, around the six month mark. In this phase, it’s worth substituting it for other toys and forms of stimulation.