The baby already extends their hands to grab toys and to be picked up. And, as you’ve probably noticed, they like people more than objects: smiling spontaneously to you or their father and following their siblings, grandparents or guests’ movements with their eyes. And, of course, they love playing and noticing their little shenanigans are a hit!

As paradoxical as it might seem, as your child amplifies their repertoire of little gimmicks that adults love, it’s possible they can be apprehensive towards strangers or people they barely know. No need to worry: this is a normal evolutionary attitude that’s necessary for emotional development.

This reaction is a sign the baby is beginning to understand they are a separate unit from their mother. Therefore, they become scared of being without her and can start crying if someone else picks them up or they lose sight of mom. In fact, this strange feeling is more common with other women.

In order to curb these feelings of insecurity, it’s important to always speak to the baby and, as you leave to do something else, let them know you’re going to be gone for just a little while and you’ll come back, and say goodbye. Have some patience and give them lots of love, this is a phase that will end soon.