Many mothers, especially those who go back to their careers, experience a mix of emotions during this phase. With a sociable baby that interacts more and more, just thinking about going back to work and spending hours away from your child already makes your heart ache. On the other hand, after months of exclusively dedicating yourself to your child, you might miss going back to more “adult” activities, talking to other people and doing something for yourself that you enjoy.

The first tip from BabyHome is: whatever your choice is, make sure it makes you happy. Happy and satisfied moms raise happy, caring children with high self-esteem. Ensure you’ll be able to build a support network to help you out, in case you have to go back to working outside of the house, and organize yourself so your day to day is as light as possible for the family. In case you’ve opted to stay at home with your child, embrace this choice wholeheartedly and with conviction. It’s possible, however, that at this point you might be exhausted, so stop and think about your routine as well.

Try, for example, to use relaxation techniques before going to bed, such as drinking a glass of warm milk, taking a warm shower, taking deep breaths. From drinking a warm glass of milk, to taking a warm shower, practicing some yoga, deep breathing or (the best of them all) getting a massage, do whatever helps. Try finishing the most demanding and tiring tasks when the baby is still awake or entertained by something else – so as long as it doesn’t interfere with your playtime with them – and, as the day comes to an end, slow down your rhythm along with your child. And remember: ask for help or delegate whenever necessary.