In just six months of life, your baby has transformed from a fragile little newborn to an enthusiastic, exploring, curious, happy and even “talkative” child! This is an absolutely wonderful phase – and it won’t be any different in the coming weeks, as the achievements only tend to increase from now on.

Your baby can now drag themselves, with their abdomen close to the floor and go forward or backward. At the end of the six months, the child probably won’t be ready to crawl, but many can already sit up on their own – usually, they tend to still need some support to stay up.

Motor skills are also evolving: among the abilities acquired is the capacity to pass an object from one hand to the other, smash toys together, put their hands together and grab things with only one hand. The baby can now recognize their own image in a mirror, where they’ll smile and talk to themselves. Their verbal skills are also developing well, with the pronunciation of consonants such as F, V, S, Z, T, CH. The vocalizations, in fact, serve as ways to communicate different emotions, such as pleasure or irritation.

During this phase, your child can already recognize different tones and inflections in people’s voices and can even cry if you talk to them in a more stern tone, such as scolding or saying “no” when they want to throw something on the floor, for example.

When it comes to toys, there’s a preference for the noisier ones. Many babies believe they’re the ones making that noise, which is why they like to shake things to confirm their “theory”.