In bed or on the floor, always surrounded by pillows, allow your baby to play while laying on their stomach. As they lift their heads and chest up to look at things and people, their neck muscles will get a workout. This helps improve muscle tone that’s necessary for other motor functions. Besides, this position works as practice to learn how to control the weight of their heads, something they’ll need to sit up.


Try blowing bubbles towards your baby. With a more developed vision, they can follow them to a longer distance. If there are other kids in on the fun, even better: the baby will be entertained by the mess for a good time. The soap bubbles, by the way, are a great tool for those tantrum moments. The enchantment with their movements makes the whining stop right then and there!


Talking to your child is super important and you can invest in this even in the most mundane moments, by “telling” them about your day and everything you’re doing. For example: “Mommy is preparing the baby’s bath, putting in very warm water for he/she to enjoy” or “Want to help mommy clean up this mess? First, let’s make the bed and then we’ll fold all the clothes.” We’ll bet any task becomes a thousand times better with this trick.