Around the six month mark, at the rate motor skills develop, children tend to fall in love with stuffed animals. We can see why: they’re cute, soft and have a, let’s say, warm and inviting appearance and they’re a great toy to grab, hug and snuggle with. In order to ensure these toys only bring happiness into the house, it’s important to rotate the baby’s favorite stuffed animals. That way, in case they lose one or whenever one needs to be washed, there’s another one for the child to play with. Or, if you can, having two of the same stuffed animal also helps.

Remember to properly sanitize the toy frequently, so as to avoid accumulating dust, fungi and mites on it. If the child has an allergy, there’s no other way: either you search for hypoallergenic options or this kind of toy should be avoided at all costs, including for decorative purposes. In this case, opt for dolls made of cloth or with a soft structure that can also offer the necessary comfort and cuteness.