The mother is vital for the baby’s development – no one in the world can contest this fact. She is the one who housed the child in her womb, who fed it for the first time and who develops a chemistry with the baby off the heels of the five senses responsible for offering safety, love and comfort.

The bond between a child and its father is essential for any child’s healthy development and, therefore, should be stimulated during pregnancy. It’s natural and expected that, after the birth of the baby, that the woman will occupy herself with the majority of the child’s demands, but that doesn’t mean the father’s job should be minimized. Besides, with the stimulus from the mother, the bonds become even stronger. The participation of the father enriches the baby’s life.

While the concept of masculinity has been going through significant and positive changes, there are still a great number of men who show traces of sexist and conservative approaches when it comes to gender roles. Among those, many aspire to be different and become closer to their children, but feel inhibited and even incapable of doing so. And, some women, also victims of limiting beliefs, end up cutting off their partner’s incentives, judging them as limited or ignorant when it comes to caring for the baby.

It’s important to remember than people are different and, therefore, do things differently from one another. Your partner won’t change a diaper or play with your child the same way you do. Their way of doing things isn’t “wrong”, it’s simply their way of doing things. Therefore, avoid criticism – even under the guise of it being “constructive” – and resist the temptation to correct them at all times, as you risk your partner holding back and, as time goes by, not doing pleasurable and important things for the whole family.