At six months, your baby should receive their third dose of some of the vaccines recommended by the Department of Health, such as Hepatitis B, Polio and Diphtheria, Tetanus and Pertussis. Besides those, it’s possible the pediatrician will recommend other vaccines available within a private healthcare network. As you might have noticed, the sixth month marks a crucial point in the child’s life, so don’t forget to take them to the doctor during this phase. Obviously, all doctor’s appointments are important, but during the sixth month of life, the expert is capable of evaluating with more certainty if your child is developing well. Individual growth can vary greatly, but only the pediatrician can confirm if your baby’s weight and height have been evolving as expected and in a healthy way.

Since you can start the weaning process after the seventh month mark, you should inform yourself on which fruits, vegetables and legumes are the most indicated.

Motor skills, such as passing one object from hand to hand and stretching to grab a toy, the types of noises the child makes and their sleep and feeding patterns are also some of the topics you’ll discuss during this doctor’s visit.