That small, sleepy newborn has turned into a cute little baby, curious and full of life. You’ll notice, for example, that feeding time won’t be as calm as the baby starts tilting their head in the direction of any noise they hear to figure out what’s going on. The staring, in fact, is highly attentive: they will follow nearby people and objects with their eyes.

During the third month, it’s common for the baby to have a little more strength and be able to hold their head on their own. Another important thing to notice is that they can now hold and voluntarily shake things, like toys. Therefore, be very careful with what you leave within reach, especially on the changing table.

It’s a wonderful phase, since now your baby will interact and smile spontaneously – in fact, at this point they will try to “chat” with you for the first time, letting out little grunts and cute noises. Take this time to talk to the baby and don’t forget to always refer to them by their name. Also, another – very beautiful – change you’ll notice is the fact that your little one will call out for your attention and become more agitated in your presence.