Relaxing exercises and light walks can be done after six weeks postpartum for normal births and after eight weeks for C-sections. However, it’s important to remember that each woman has their own recovery rhythm and their own way of dealing with the baby’s demands and daily tasks. So, if you still don’t feel ready to go back to being active, do not feel guilty. Respect your body and limits.

Now, if you can’t wait to restart your exercise routine or to start practicing physical activities, speak to your doctor first. They will look at how your scar is healing, the current state of your organs and your overall physical condition. You probably won’t be able to, as soon as you start, pick up heavy weights, do a bunch of series repetitions or swim laps around the pool during your first class.

Remember: your body just went through deep transformations in the past few months. Besides, if you breastfeed, your hormones are still in full gear. Also, your sleep and energy levels are probably still very much affected, so consider a slower rhythm at least during the beginning. In any event, with each passing week your baby’s weight gain will definitely stimulate your superior muscles, right?