Don’t be alarmed if you suddenly catch your baby in the “little airplane” position: laying down on their belly, stretching out arms and legs, they are now able to lift up their heads and bend their backs. During this developmental phase, the child, as they lay on their stomach, can also “swim”, moving their little arms nonstop.

Each day more and more your baby will become stronger. Stimulate them with incentivizing words of encouragement and show them toys so they’ll stretch out their necks. The next step is to learn how to roll from side to side.

These movements will help muscle development – when they hit six months of life, the child will be capable of turning in both directions and will be ready to sit, drag themselves around the house and, eventually, crawl.

Since each baby has their own developmental rhythm, they could skip the rolling around phase and go straight to the sitting up and crawling phase. Whatever the order of those activities, make sure to always be around and don’t forget to support them and surround them with pillows to avoid any accidents.