Around the sixth month of life, equilibrium and body awareness increase and the child can now sit down, first with some help and then without any support at all. To ensure your child sits upright and balanced, protect them with pillows or leave them on the couch, leaning on the backrest.

On the floor, place some toys a little further away from them – in front, on the sides – so that your child tries to scoot in different directions or even crawl to get them. A change in behavior for babies that’s worth noting is that, during this time, babies don’t like to be trapped for long periods of time. Because of that, they’ve perfected the art of calling on someone to remove them from wherever they are. Be it in the crib, the high chair or in the baby seat, they will voice their dissatisfaction to you. How? By crying, throwing tantrums or babbling. Most of the time the intention is just to get some attention and love, but many kids just want to walk around the house and see different things.