Rolling around to lay on their tummies and vice versa and sitting up without any support are abilities that your baby probably already dominates pretty well. Get ready: dragging themselves through the floor and crawling can come next. And, with that, a new view of the house for the child: they will mess with doors, drag chairs around and hole up underneath the table… It’s the perfect time to baby proof the house.

Until they’re nine months old, the child will move more actively, including adopting “alternate” styles of getting around until they can actually walk. With so much activity, sleep tends to be more stable. Be wary of too many stimuli: excess tiredness makes the child wake up more often during the night.

The main change, however, is regarding food: with the introduction of solid foods in the menu, a new world emerges before the child’s eyes. Aside from trying new flavors, they will also learn to hold cups and silverware, mess around with the food, get it all over themselves, etc. It’s a phase where walks outside of the house should and will become more constant.