Given you’ve gotten this far, you know by now that there’s no such thing as a manual for pregnancy, right? Each pregnant woman is different and each woman deals with it in their own way. Well, maternity, despite the amount of information you might have, works the same way: each day you’ll experience something new. First time mothers, especially, tend to worry more about things, since they just dove head-first into a completely unknown universe.

A higher-pitched cry, three days without pooping, refusing to breastfeed… Any situation that’s out of what you’ve known as “ordinary” until that point is enough to raise a red flag in the maternal heart. Observing is important, but so is your tranquility. Therefore, the advice from BabyHome is: will contacting the pediatrician give you peace of mind? Call or send them a message. These professionals are used to certain doubts and demands. Put your child’s comfort in first place.

Of course a question about the child’s development or a particular physical characteristic can be asked during the next consult, since visits to the doctor’s office are quite constant during the first few months of life.

However, “different” patterns such as sudden loss of appetite, persistent crying and, especially, body temperatures over 37,8 Cº deserve to be looked into further. In case of a fever, the child can be medicated at home to lower the fever, but the cause should be diagnosed by a doctor. Fevers, it’s worth noting, can signal anything from a simple infection like the common cold to something more serious – which, for newborns, whose immunity is still relatively low, should not be underestimated.