Generally speaking, six weeks after birth is the average time it takes for the uterus to go back to its normal size and weight. The lochia, at this point, is probably a yellow-ish color or even ceasing, which soon means you can stop wearing hygienic pads. This is the time to go back to the doctor’s office so they can follow up on your body after birth. Take advantage of this conversation to figure out what is the best method for contraception that works for you, given soon you’ll return to your normal sex life. It’s also worth considering that some women, even while breastfeeding, still get their periods, which can confuse the reproductive system and, without protection, can result in a new pregnancy.

Regarding your weight, you must have already lost a couple of kilos, right? After all, gaining about 9 to 10 kgs is normal and related to water retention. If you gained more than 10 kgs, don’t worry: breastfeeding will make it so you’ll eliminate the excess in the following months. It won’t take long before you step on a scale and see your pre-baby weight on the display. In case you’re not breastfeeding, speak to your doctor to hash out any doubts you might have about your specific case.