With one year and four months of life, the love for stuffed animals continues to grow each day more and more. Because children during this phase love imitating adults, the tendency is that they will repeat with toys the aspects of the family’s routine: giving food to the bear, singing the doll to sleep, etc.

Speech ability is also developing more and more each month: babies are already capable of pronouncing isolated words, even if they don’t understand what they mean. To stimulate this kind of cognition, toy phones are a great option. Even though their vocabulary is limited during this phase, your child understands most of what you say. Keep talking to them to boost their speech evolution.

The child also already has plenty of fun on their own during this stage and can spend tons of time entertained by toys that fit inside other things, placing objects inside and out of boxes, pressing buttons that produce sounds or play songs. Plastic pots and pans are also a good option. To keep the house minimally organized amid so many objects, opt for hanging shelves – preferably at a height which the child can reach – or in see-through boxes, that make it easier to find what you’re looking for. During clean up time, take the time to ask your child for “help” – it’s a great opportunity to teach them, from a young age, that cleaning and caring for the house is a collective task.

And, don’t forget to frequently check the state of the toys, ensuring that broken or smaller pieces are not left within reach of your child, to avoid any injuries or accidents.