The ball is one of the most interesting toys there is: it’s cheap and provides a lot of fun. It serves as a stimulus for the small baby, who crawls after it, as well as for an older child, who can run after it or throw it to you.

Different sized balls, with different colors and textures are a guarantee of a fun time but, at least during this phase, it’s best to pick the softer one or the ones covered in cloth, to avoid accidentally hurting the child. Soccer balls should not be thrown or kicked with force towards the baby. You can also throw the ball against the wall so the child can listen to the sound it makes and watch the movement of the ball as it bounces off the wall. If you’re playing on the floor, pushing or throwing the ball to each other, include a stuffed animal or doll to join in on the fun.

Remember that aim, during this phase, isn’t precise, so you might have to help your child. The point is to potentialize gaining control and coordination through actions such as grabbing, rolling and playing repeatedly. When the child is grown up, the ball works as an excellent element for socialization. A child with a ball draws attention from both boys and girls to play together and have plenty of fun.