Pop-up books, books with textures, poems, fairy tales, etc…There are unlimited book options available for children. The important part here is that you carry this moment with affection and attention. If it’s near bedtime, lay with your child and place the book between you two. In case you prefer to read during the day, during a playtime session, let the child hold the book and teach them to turn the pages.

As you read, don’t forget to practice different intonations according to the situation or character. You can also ask, for example, for the child to point out an animal and have them imitate the sound they make. Repetition is very important at this age, as it helps the little ones absorb the content presented. With that in mind, know that you will need to tell the same story over and over again. With each reading session, a new element is assimilated and understood.

Poetry books or ones that contain popular lullabies are also very important due to their sonority, which, besides being pleasant to the child’s ears, are full of rhymes that are easy to memorize and learn.

Reading at the same time every day (before bed, for example) contributes even more to the understanding of a routine, strengthens the bond between you two and creates and establishes the habit and love for literature.