You can roll your eyes all you want at the thought of buying underwear made specifically for pregnant women. However, as the end of the sixth month nears, you’ll begin to notice that the underwear you’ve always worn hasn’t been giving you the proper kind of support to your ever-growing breasts and baby bump. More than just providing your new shape with more comfort, using the right kind of underwear can help minimize back and lower abdomen pain.

There are plenty of options out there, including black and lace. After all, every future mother should feel beautiful and sexy. Follow BabyHome’s tips on how to shop for your body:

Bras: These should feel comfortable and have no underwire, to avoid hurting your breasts or interfering with the mammary glands. Avoid synthetic fabrics that will soak up sweat and can cause allergies or fungus. Cotton or microfiber models are the most indicated ones. Thick straps and a band underneath the breasts can provide you with more comfort and support. Important: you can wear bras made for breastfeeding during pregnancy since they provide you with the same kind of support and comfort. The only difference is that breastfeeding bras have a frontal clasp, making them more practical for breastfeeding.

Panties: As your bump continues to grow, a high waist becomes more and more crucial. Opt for the ones with an anatomical cut around the waist, which can provide the right kind of support. There are certain types of lower-waisted panties made to show off the bump, but it is best firmly underneath the garment during the last trimester. To ensure the most comfort, pick seamless, light underwear.

Tops: These can be used to sleep in. Protecting your breasts during this time of weight gain and hypersensibility in the region can ensure a more tranquil sleep.

T-shirts and bodies: These “hug” the breasts, the bump, and butt comfortably and are a great option to wear underneath a dress. Some models have a frontal clasp or opening to help with breastfeeding.

Postpartum panties: These are specific for the first days by providing more safety and comfort – especially if you’ve had a C-section, as they properly accommodate the stitches. They also provide enough room for sanitary pads, and, depending on the waist height, they can double as a postpartum waist trainer and help recover your silhouette.

Waist trainers and maternity belly bands: these help reduce swelling on the stomach, give the woman more freedom to move around, and, especially after a C-section, help the woman’s organs go back to their original spots. It’s fundamental to check with your doctor about the need for one of those and the amount of time you should use them for.