During the week, you’ll catch yourself constantly yawning – you’ll be so tired that, sometimes, you’ll feel your eyelids slowly closing, and, without noticing, will scare yourself awake. On Saturdays and Sundays, afternoon naps are more than welcome. Excessive sleepiness is a result of a bigger concentration of progesterone in your organism, which requires necessary rest for the development of the child. 

During the first months, there’s also a higher volume of blood circulating through the woman’s body, which means her heart will have to necessarily work double to pump it all through her body and the baby’s body. With that considered, feeling sleepy and exhausted doesn’t come out of the blue. During the second trimester, your body will give you a break from the constant yawning. You’ll feel more energized and will sleep better, especially after the anxiety over a spontaneous abortion on your 12th week will cease to exist. But, prepare yourself for a big shift: at the rate that your baby bump will grow, getting proper rest won’t come as easily. And, it’s worth noting that some babies absolutely love to move all night long, making it impossible for you to find a comfortable position to rest. Tips: take a warm shower before going to bed, drink a cup of warm milk, and listen to some calming music. All these things can help both of you relax.