Don’t neglect your teeth during pregnancy! The increase in circulation can cause the gums to bleed and, depending on how you use your toothbrush and floss, can cause pain and inflammation. Some pregnant women, at the beginning of their gestation, might neglect dental hygiene (without even noticing) because the movement of the toothbrush as well as the taste of toothpaste can make them nauseous.  

Aside from possible cavities, gum disease may also become an issue. Infection is caused by the growth of plaque underneath the gums, which leads to an inflammation of the membrane that coats the teeth. The gums will swell, redden, bleed, smell bad, and even lead to tooth loss. 

Therefore, going to the dentist is fundamental in order to make sure everything is okay inside your mouth. When scheduling an appointment, let them know you’re pregnant.  This way, a professional can evaluate which procedures are considered the safest, which type of anesthesia to use, and what kind of material they should use for a filling.  The American Dental Association suggests that clinicians consider recommending that teeth whitening be deferred during pregnancy.

If an x-ray is needed, it’s necessary to protect yourself with a lead vest – which is actually an important measure to take with any kind of radiology procedure done during pregnancy. But don’t worry: that amount of radiation, especially inside the dentist’s office, does not pose a risk to the baby. And, regardless of the issue, treating an infection during your pregnancy takes precedence over any eventual risk you might have, as it avoids graver problems down the road