Generally speaking, sex during pregnancy brings benefits to both the future mother and the baby. The couple’s bond, which begins to transform ever since that positive pregnancy test result, can also improve and become more intimate. However, there are some phases where the woman might see a drop in her libido – after all, how can you get to preliminary sex with gut-wrenching nausea or heartburn? And, it’s important to highlight that certain turbulences during pregnancy can restrict or even prohibit the sexual activity. BabyHome has selected the top recommendations regarding the topic: 

Always listen to your doctor 

And, of course, make sure to follow the recommendations given during your prenatal visits. Only your doctor will be able to give you the green light or not to carry on with your regular sex life during each stage of your pregnancy. Some periods are more delicate than others: during the first three months, for instance, there’s a risk for spontaneous abortion. Bleedings or the threat of dislocating the placenta exist regardless of the month, which can be hampering. Besides, depending on the case, your organism might trigger reactions before birth. It is absolutely crucial to follow medical orders. 

Believe it or not: There’s no way the penis can hurt the baby 

This is a common worry with parents expecting their first child, but don’t worry: having sex does not hurt the fetus, nor does it hinder its development. During intercourse, the penis enters the vagina, while the embryo rests inside the intrauterine cavity, protected by a sac filled with amniotic liquid. And, between the cavity of the uterus, there’s the pelvic floor. Your baby will be very safe! 

Invest in your well-being 

The physical and emotional changes caused by pregnancy can make any woman feel insecure, anxious, nervous, and exhausted. Surrounding yourself with warmth and coziness, especially during sex, helps fight off all this tension, relax and enjoy the moment. Opt for softer bedsheets, nightgowns, and lingerie that feel good to the touch. Your pillow should adequately accommodate your head. Ideally, you should also use an extra pillow to rest your baby bump on during sex to alleviate the weight from it. 

Find a comfortable position 

As your bump grows, it’ll become increasingly difficult to find a position that “fits.” You won’t be able to put any weight on your stomach, and deeper penetrations can feel bad. With that in mind, pick a position where you can have the most control over the penetration. Try being on top of your partner, a strategic position that also allows him to caress your fuller and more sensitive breasts. Another good alternative is the spooning position where you lay on your side, resting your bump on a pillow, and your partner can lay by your side. Another idea is the cross: lying on her back, the woman can rest her legs over her partner’s body, who then penetrates her sideways. This position is an excellent alternative because it allows for the back to be fully supported, and the belly rests on the bed. 

The second trimester can be hot

The first three months are marked by discomforts such as nausea and morning sickness, while the last three include swelling, back pain, trouble sleeping, and even breathing. You may feel more energized and with an elevated sense of self-esteem between the third and sixth months, with perky breasts, beautiful skin, and luscious hair! Besides, feeling the baby moving brings you more tranquility and confidence. It’s an excellent time for the couple to enjoy the pregnancy and strengthen their bond. 

Go all the way with the preliminaries 

Oils, lotions, and body gels – always with your doctor’s approval to avoid the risk of developing any allergic reactions – for massages, touching, and even oral stimulation can relax, activate circulation, and excite you at the same time. 

Remember: sex is not just about penetration 

If your doctor told you to avoid penetration or you don’t feel up to going all the way when having sex, explore different things with your partner. Try masturbation (mutual or not), oral sex, kissing, fantasies, discovering erogenous zones, showering and taking baths together, etc. The dialogue between the couple is crucial. During pregnancy, there’s a great variation in each woman’s libido, and each woman goes through this life experience in a different way: some have increased desire, while others have less. How ever, you might feel it is important to communicate your feelings with your partner.