It’s possible that, at this point, you’ve told certain people – most likely those you are closer with – that you’re pregnant. Those people, in turn, have already started giving you advice. And, at the doctor’s waiting room, you’ve probably interacted with some other pregnant woman who loves chatting and exchanging tips. If you haven’t experienced this yet, prepare yourself: the more your baby bump grows, the more you will become the target of unsolicited hunches and opinions and, worst-case scenario, will hear nightmare-inducing horror stories about birth and possible complications. 

This, of course, doesn’t even factor in urban legends about the shape of your bump and how it can determine the biological sex of the child (spoiler alert: there’s no scientific data to back that up) and other attitudes, others say you should avoid not to rush the birth. 

Reacting sharply will only bring about bad things to both yours and the baby’s tranquility. The best course of action is to filter whatever you hear, assimilating only that which you feel is valid and useful and trying not to think about things others say that don’t sit well with you. Follow the prenatal instructions thoroughly, doing only what your doctor, someone you trust, told you.

If they insist, smile at the person giving you unsolicited advice and thank them for their concern, but reiterate that you’d rather follow your instincts, the doctor’s recommendations, and the decisions you make with your partner. You can also add that maternity is a unique and different experience for each woman and that you’d rather experience it all on your own, according to your personal values and beliefs – and then change the topic of conversation.