At this point, your symptoms will give off very clear signs that you’re pregnant – after all, hiding your strong and constant nausea isn’t easy – and a lot of people have probably paid attention to the “interesting phase” you’re experiencing. This condition, however, is an exception, which is why doctors recommend expectant mothers to wait until the end of the 12th week of their pregnancy to announce they’re expecting a child. 

Of course, this is no easy feat, especially at a point in your life where you’re experiencing such emotional fragility and many physical changes.  

As much as you might not like it, waiting for this deadline can help you avoid frustrations and setbacks, both professional and social, seeing as the risk of pregnancy loss looms during the first 12 weeks. Global statistics show that around 20 percent of pregnancies end in spontaneous abortions. Out of those numbers, 80 percent of pregnancies are interrupted until the 12th week due to genetic causes – it’s a natural way of preventing the child from being born with any severe issues. After the 15th week, the threat of spontaneous abortion is almost nonexistent. 

At this point, you’ll get the green light from your doctor to finally share your happiness with your family, friends, colleagues, neighbors, on social media, and even shout it from the mountaintops if that’s what your heart desires. It doesn’t matter what your style is – announcing that you’re creating a new life inside of you deserves a beautiful celebration. 

In the following week, you’ll end your first trimester, considered the most delicate of all. It’s a phase where the small discomforts will cease – at least for now. Enjoy it.