For friends and family, your pregnancy probably went by in the blink of an eye. For you, however, as fatigued as ever from carrying your bump from place to place, it seems like the day you’ll get to hold your baby won’t ever arrive! Of course, during this final phase, you won’t have a lot of energy or predisposition to get up and distract yourself, but you can try to occupy your time with relaxing, self-care activities that contribute to your well-being. How about drawing inspiration from these suggestions?

  • Read a good book – a romance or a suspense novel – that’ll really draw you in
  • Get a haircut: even if it’s just a little trim on the edges, it’ll make you feel a thousand times better
  • Since you’re headed to the salon anyways, get yourself a mani pedi; even if you plan on staying home until the birth of the baby, this will do wonders for your self-esteem
  • Binge out a new TV show or re-watch a favorite classic
  • Get a foot soak ready, put a face mask on and relax
  • If you still have the energy, make a couple of healthy dishes you can freeze
  • Listen to relaxing music, preferably some that you’ll be able to sing to your baby very soon!
  • Try an outdoor walk, at a local park or garden
  • Meditate or mentalize positive and pleasant things