This is a phenomenon that has been analyzed and proven by several studies: pregnant women tend to dream a lot and with recurring questions. One of the best explanations is that, since they’ve received their positive pregnancy test, they’ve begun to experience lighter sleep and are waking up more often in the middle of the night to use the bathroom and to change sleeping positions due to discomfort or muscle cramps.  

Other underlying causes are the psychological transformations due to the shift in hormones as well as worries associated with the pregnancy. This way, it is common for future mothers to dream with more frequency and with certain situations that symbolize what they are going through. Typically, pregnant women dream of the following: 

Water: Open faucets, diving into rivers, oceans, or waterfalls, whatever it may be, water always comes up in a dream, especially during the early stages of pregnancy – the phase which coincides with the production of the amniotic fluid which will surround the baby. Water symbolizes feminity, creativity, and novelty. 

Earth: Once again, the symbolism is strong here. Maternity is the very own earth being sowed and germinated. Dreaming of hills or long roads symbolizes the natural process of becoming a mother, wherein it is important to be patient for the seed to sprout. 

Animals and strange beings: During pregnancy, physical and emotional changes follow their own, uncontrollable rhythm. The woman has no control over anything as her own nature guides her. Dreaming of giving birth to an animal, for instance, implies instinctive care and preparation for the birth of the child. 

Sex: Pregnancy hormones tend to influence your libido and your senses, even during sleep.