The 14th week marks the beginning of the fourth month of your pregnancy and solidifies the beginning of the most tranquil and delightful stage of your pregnancy. Future mothers, in general, have already surpassed the complicated phases of morning sickness, nausea, dizziness, and the constant need to pee. Fatigue will also decrease significantly, as will excessive salivation. 

You will feel more predisposed to doing household chores, professional work, and interacting socially. Along with that, you’ll have the disposition and well-being to take on duties such as buying a complete layette for the baby, deciding how to decorate the baby’s room, picking out a name, etc. 

The general uncertainties and worries that come in the first three months are also gone. With more energy and drive, take the opportunity to spend this time with your partner, friends, or family. Some pregnant women continue to feel a certain emotional instability during the second trimester, with reactions similar to the ones experienced during the pre-menstrual period (PMS): crying easily, irritability, sudden mood changes, and even contradicting feelings, like fear and happiness. But don’t worry: all of this is due to your hormonal alterations. Respect your limits and seek out help from those who you trust to share your feelings with. Remember, the important thing is making sure you feel okay.