Baby will stop floating as space becomes more and more restricted and the level of amniotic liquid production stabilizes. Your little bundle of joy measures about 16.7 inches and weighs in at about 3.8 pounds at 32 weeks pregnant.

But it won’t stop him/her from moving a lot inside your womb – many pregnant women say they have even noticed the shape of a foot or a head pressed against their bump. Inside of you, your little baby inhales amniotic fluid to give her lungs some practice. It’s possible to notice their breathing pattern in an ultrasound.

At this stage, eye color is typically blue, but permanent pigmentation isn’t fully developed. Hair begins to grow, just like their fingernails. For those expecting a boy: the testicles are now descending from the abdomen to the scrotal sack.

You have 8 weeks to go and it’s time to install your baby’s car seat!