Many pregnant women are overwhelmed by a wave of energy during the last weeks of pregnancy, but you should be careful not to go too crazy. A common theme between future mothers is called “nesting,” which consists of an inherent, absurd need to clean the house and make sure everything is neat and proper for the baby’s arrival. Ideally, however, you should be resting and preparing for birth. Ask someone to help you out or do just the bare minimum. This isn’t the time to clean windows or walls and risk falling off a ladder.

After the 35th week, driving is no longer recommended. Anxiety, fatigue, and a typical lack of concentration that’s common during this phase can hinder your reflexes. If you’re in a car crash, the steering wheel could hit the baby bump. Long trips should also be avoided, especially air travel – staying in the same position for hours can lead to thrombosis.

Reiterating: resting as much as possible is the best way to avoid the risk of premature birth at this point. Eat well and drink plenty of water to keep your organism hydrated.

Other things to consider are avoiding standing for too long, so your legs and feet don’t swell up.t And doctors recommend that you stick to ‘warm’ baths (a warm bath as a bath where the water temperature is close to 100 degrees Fahrenheit.) This will help you avoid a blood pressure drop or fainting.