The sixth month of pregnancy is the ideal time to take some pictures of your baby bump. At this point, it has defined curves, and you haven’t gotten into the classic period of swelling, the third trimester. Fuller, rounder breasts, glowing skin, and beautiful hair put together the perfect look to immortalize your beauty as a future mother. Follow our tips to ensure the pictures come out on point:

  •  If you plan on hiring a professional to take the pictures, ask for some references on what kind of photo session they plan on doing. You can also bring pictures to show what you have in mind.
  • Remember, this is your moment. You can and should feel amazing, beautiful, wonderful, and gorgeous. Do not hold back on exploring your fantasies and taking on the character you have in mind. Also, don’t hold back on posing according to your style and convictions. Is your dream a Hollywood divas-inspired photoshoot? Why not? Planning on something more simple and minimalistic? Dive headfirst into the idea. You’re the only one who should be satisfied.
  • Ideally, you should opt for a minimalistic background, without many elements, so you can stand out. This goes for in-studio and outdoor photoshoots.
  • You can also, on your own, capture day-to-day moments. Take advantage of natural light coming through a window or door and pose for the camera – or your partner’s phone. Don’t pose right in front of the camera; as you position yourself sideways or find a different angle, the contour of your bump will look awesome.
  • The more natural, the better. Don’t be ashamed to practice your poses at home.
  • Think about adding significant objects in the pictures, such as baby shoes, pictures of a loved one who has passed, clothes, etc.
  • Consider adding not only the baby’s father in the photoshoot, but also other children (if you have them), pets, or your mom.