Yours and the baby’s stay in the hospital depends, of course, on both of your health conditions. Discharge after a normal birth happens after two days. If you undergo a C-section, which is a more complex surgery, you should be hospitalized for about three days. Ideally, you should always consider the period of three days, which is enough time for you to recover minimally and so all the tests needed for your newborn can be completed.

During this time, take the opportunity to clear out all the necessary doubts and questions you might have with your baby’s pediatrician, the OB-GYN and the nurses. You’ll receive precise orientation on how to bathe your baby, the right way to put him/her to sleep and how to breastfeed in a way that the baby’s sucking won’t be uncomfortable for you.

If you don’t mind having guests over as soon as you give birth, take advantage of the hospital setting for this. When you go home, with the baby, you’ll probably need some time to adapt to your new routine. And, with friends and family there, you’ll certainly have to worry about entertaining and serving them at least a cup of coffee, right? So, think about it and opt for something that will be practical for you and your new day to day.