Who we are?

Who we are?

BabyHome was founded in Boston, USA, by entrepreneurs with over 35 years of experience in the areas of parent and child content and technology. We were born to be your best source of information during the journey of generating and raising a baby. We are available worldwide, with content in Portuguese and English.

BabyHome is free?

Access is 100% free. For a better experience, we recommend your registration on our website to receive personalized content that will go directly to your e-mail.

Your registration at BabyHome

How to apply?

It’s very simple to create a BabyHome account. Click here, or on the “Sign up now” button, fill in the form with your First Name, Last Name and E-mail. Then create and confirm your password.

Now just define the period of the content you want to receive and that’s it

How to recover my password?

Click on login and then on the “recover password” button. Please provide the e-mail address used for your registration – in a few minutes we will send you a link to your e-mail address. Access the link and then reset and confirm your new password.

How to update my profile?

Log in and then access “My Account”. There, you can upload a photo to your profile, change your username, reset the content period, registration email and password. After changing the desired one, click on “save changes.

How to delete my account?

Log in and then access “My Account”. Click “permanently delete my account“ and then click the button to confirm the operation.

Suggestions and Questions

How to send?

Suggestions and questions are always welcome. To send yours, just send an email to

About the e-mails I receive

I'm getting information from the wrong week. What to do?

Log in and then access “My Account”. There, you can choose the period of content you receive. After resetting the period, click “save changes.”